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cheap SMC Molded

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SMC Molding
SMC molding, or SMC compression molding, is a closed molding process. A hydraulic press, a heated hard steel fabricated tooling and Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) material are needed. Tooling is set up and locked onto the hydraulic press and heated up to 150 degree C, SMC material placed manually or robotically into the opened tooling. Close the tooling, apply pressure up to 10MPa/cm2, and wait between 1-10 minutes of cycle time, you will get a finished component with excellent finish on both surfaces. Cycle time varies according to component size and thickness. SMC molding process is an efficient process that is suitable for high volume composite component production. Thanks to the excellent flow ability of SMC material, this process can also be used for producing complex products. To save cost and improve mechanical strength, metal inserts, accessories can be molded into the components.
Benefits of custom SMC molding:
*Unique designs for your specific requirements
*Specialists from Huayuan (HAMC) ready for you
*Instant technical support ready for you
*Product properties optimization possible
*Test facilities ready for you
Please contact our sales engineers to provide you with our molding process SMC Molded

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