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Feed Mixer suppliers

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Feed mixer machine Introduction
Mixing machine is playing a vital role in feed production. It is fair to say that if proportioning system is disjoined from mixer, even with advanced manufacturing processes, the production will become meaningless. Therefore, the quality and performance of mixing machine directly influences survival and development of feed mills. Stable-performance equipment not only helps enterprises to keep making profits but also reduce large sum of money for maintenance and repairing.

Technical parameters of Feed mixer machine
ModelPower(kw)Capacity(kg/batch)Effective volume(M3)Size(mm)

Feed mixer machine features
1. With single shaft double paddle, low speed, high mixing efficiency, it can add various liquid.
2. Short mixing time (30 -120 seconds), high mixing degree(CV < 5%)
3. Mature shaft-end sealing technology, no leakage, running cleanly.
4. Completely open structure, fast discharging speed, less residue, the cross contamination is reduced.
5. Optional blowback self-cleaning system, the residual is greatly reduced.
6. Optional atomized liquid adding device, and the nozzle is easy to clean and change.

Advantages from us:
1)Experienced in manufacturing feed mixer machines and production line for over 15 years.
2)Professional sales and engineers team for your service.
3)High quality as all of the products have approved CE certification.
4) Alr