Teeth Whitening Machine supplier

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Teeth Whitening Machine supplier

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Product Parameter
Operating Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
Wavelength range: 390~490nm
Powerful OSRAM blue LEDS: 36 W
Number of the small LED lamp: 12 pcs
Led life expectancy: >50,000 hours
Control way: RF IC card control
Parts: 2pcs glasses, installation tool, power line
Package: Aluminium alloy case
This machine is locked before using, you need to swipe the RF IC card.
Whitening teeth, removing tooth stains, smoke stains, coffee stains.
1. Our outstanding cool light technology is researched and developed by professional team, which is more effective then other teeth whitening system, ensure you get perfectly white teeth in short time.
2. The specific wavelength accelerates the oxidization process and will quickly achieve white teeth.
3. The semiconductor light source will thoroughly prevent the disadvantage of halogen and harmful UV light and achieve truly luminescent whitening, the semiconductor has a guaranteed long life(over 50.000 hours)
4. The LED head unit has a unique design, the light source has wide range and the light comes in at a perfect angle and radiates fully and uniformly.
5. The distance between the LED head unit and cheek retractor will make sure the the LED head unit keeps clean, prevents cross infection, and meet high hygiene standards.
6. Build-in smart card system, which can make your machine more security and personal
7. All the parts are made of aluminum, which can last for longer use
8. Easy operation and fashion designTeeth Whitening Machine supplier

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