Some tips for online security while traveling

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Some tips for online security while traveling

Beitragvon referee » Mi 10. Okt 2018, 11:18

I'm planning to travel a lot and recently researched tips about online security, that I think might be worth sharing. One hacking method that can result in your facebook, twitter, gmail or any other personal information leak stood out as being frequently (and very easily) used: Fake WAP. It stands for Fake Wireless Access Point. It means that someone with malicious intent has set up a wireless network and hopes that you will connect to it. Most likely it will try to imitate a convincing wireless network name, for example, make it look like a legitimate hotel wireless network. Also works for restaurants, pubs, airports or any other location that would offer a free wireless connection. This is very dangerous, since once you're connected to such a network the hacker will be able to see your information flow, and if you make any logins to facebook, gmail or anything alike there's a big chance your private information will fall into the wrong hands. I have a few tips on how to secure your private information.

First, once you're in a hotel (or a restaurant, o or even a business center) double check their wireless network name and obtain the password. Feel free to go to the counter and ask for this information.

Second, avoid using sensitive data while connected to such a network. Avoid using your logins and passwords, most of all avoid making any payments or using any personal banking information.

Third, if you think you made an unsecure connection and used your personal data anywhere instantly terminate the connection and on the first occasion change the passwords you used.

Another thing that I'm setting up before I hit the road is a VPN. I researched Fake WAP hacks and one of the solutions I came upon is using a Virtual Private Network. For security reasons VPNs encrypt all online data, so even if the hacker obtains it he/she won't be able to decrypt it. I checked several VPNs like NordVPN, Zenmate, Mullvad, TunnelBear and a few others and I think I'll settle for NordVPN. I already downloaded the free 3 days trial and found it easy to use. Since I'll be traveling through several different countries I checked how many servers they have and was satisfied with the amount. Unfortunately, they don't have too many servers in countries like Thailand, Albania, Malaysia and so forth, but I suggest double checking NordVPNs server list in the countries you prefer. I haven’t noticed any significant speed drop while using it, reviews online were mostly positive too. I believe that regarding your personal information it's "better safe than sorry" and hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to leave any other tips for safe-traveling and thanks in advance!

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Re: Some tips for online security while traveling

Beitragvon hermitstartup » Do 11. Okt 2018, 17:01

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